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Buy Testocyp (Testosterone Cypionate) in Spain

Alpha Pharma Testocyp (Testosterone Cypionate) is the best option for the bulking phase. You can expect a significant increase in muscle mass and strength during a cycle. Testocyp in particular has a high affinity for estrogen conversion, the mass gained from this steroid is likely to be accompanied by an appreciable level of water retention. The use of anti-estrogen with this drug is highly recommended to prevent estrogen side effects. Proviron, tamoxifen or letrozole are going to do a great job. They will minimize the effect of estrogen to a great extent, making the steroid much more tolerable to use.

Testocyp (Testosterone Cypionate) Online Price UK

Alpha Pharma Testocyp (Testosterone Cypionate) dosage of 250mg to 750mg per week we should certainly see dramatic results. Because Testocyp is a testosterone ester the action should be at least 8 weeks for best results. A good option is the combination of Testocyp with Alphabol (20-30 mg per day), Anadrol (50 mg per day) or Boldebolin (200-400 mg per week). Such combinations will lead to an incredible increase in muscle mass and strength. On this site you will find complete information about this Testosterone Cypionate, also here you will find the dosage and cycle of this Test Cypionate


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