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Testosterone is a hormone produced by all humans and is the main male sex hormone. Through our discussion, we are going to take a look at Testosterone Cypionate UK, and examine the pros and cons of using it to improve performance in athletics and bodybuilding. Before we delve into it, let's clear up a common misunderstanding. Testosterone Cypionate is neither more nor less powerful or effective than its counterpart Testosterone Enanthate. The two compounds are virtually identical in every way.

Effects of Testabol Depot

With a good Testosterone Cypionate cycle plan, almost every benefit anabolic steroid can be obtained. For the athlete season, more lean muscle mass can be built with less body fat gain. In order to grow, you must consume a sufficient amount of calories and fat gain will occur, but Testosterone Cypionate will ensure the brunt of your weight gain is the weight you desire. While bulking season use is the most common of the effects Testosterone Cypionate can be tremendously beneficial during the cutting phase. During this period of use, we are able to preserve much more muscle tissue that would otherwise be lost. In order to lose body fat, we must burn more calories than we consume, and this can lead to muscle and strength loss. Also, the longer and harder the diet the more muscle and strength will be at risk, but due to the traits of Testosterone Cypionate muscle tissue and strength are protected. Regardless of the purpose of use, Testosterone Cypionate defines performance enhancement by its ability to promote recovery and endurance.With a performance level dosage of Testosterone Cypionate your body can recover faster and you won't tire quickly. This will allow you to train longer and harder, and the further you can progress. This is performance enhancement at its best!

Testabol Depot Side Effects

As a very well tolerated hormone for most men, the side effects of Testosterone Cypionate in many ways are easy to control. When it comes to adverse reactions, keep in mind that they largely fall in the realm of possible and are not guaranteed. Still, the total dose, genetic predisposition, and your general health all play a role. As for the side effects of Testosterone Cypionate itself, like all testosterone compounds it leads to a high level of aromatase activity, aromatization in reference to the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. As estrogen levels rise, this can lead to gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) and excess water retention. This excess water retention can even negatively affect blood pressure. In order to combat such effects, especially gynecomastia, many turn to Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (Serms), such as Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) and more serious protection Aromatase Inhibitors (Ia), such such as Anastrozole (Arimidex). AIs are undoubtedly the most effective, however, they can also be problematic when it comes to cholesterol and caution is advised. Beyond these effects, Testosterone Cypionate may promote dihydrotestosterone (DHT) related side effects like acne, hair loss and prostate enlargement, however it should go without saying DHT steroids will be the primary culprit.In order of protection, 5-alpha reductase such as Finasteride can be helpful as it is an androgen suppressor and the androgen DHT is causing the problem. It should be noted, hair loss is only possible in men with a predisposition to male pattern baldness.

Testabol Depot Online Price UK

The first advantage of this product is the fact that Testosterone Cypionate can be injected once a week and gives very good gains in strength and size. I bet many of the careers in Spain bodybuilding and athletics were built on long term use of this drug. I have used it at doses of 250-2,000mg per week, and found that the best gains versus side effects are probably had somewhere below the 750mg/week mark. Of course, this is well below what many competitors in the upper bodybuilding ranks use, but for the average (recreational) bodybuilder or athlete, side effects above this dosage do not constitute an acceptable trade off. achievements.


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