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Primobolan 100 or Primobolan depot is the common name for the chemical Methenolone Enanthate. This injectable steroid is quite mild compared to other anabolic steroids and is actually considered more anabolic than androgenic. There is also an oral form of Primobolan, called methenolone acetate. However, this is not a very interesting drug for male bodybuilders as it is a non-alkylated form of methenolone and therefore most of the methenolone acetate ingested is destroyed by the liver.


Primobolan is a completely unique steroid that has no identical counterparts. First, Primobolan does not convert to estrogen, so when it is used, there are generally no side effects associated with estrogen. This means that problems like acne, swelling, gynecomastia, etc. cannot be associated with the use of Primobolan. Due to the fact that Primobolan practically does not promote fluid retention in the body, it is often used effectively in so-called 'drying' cycles. Its effect on the acquisition of muscle definition is explained not only by the low or even zero level of fluid retention, but also by its anabolic nature, and also by its ability to retain nitrogen. And this mainly means that it maintains muscles very well when calories are scarce during drying.

Many argue that the only side effect of Primobolan is slow muscle growth, but with prolonged admission (more than 8 weeks), this is high-quality and constant growth. Don't make the mistake of thinking that by using Primobolan you can avoid post-cycle therapy, because you can't. Recovery will be easier than most other steroids, but you still need proper Clomid therapy.


Although Primobolan is a qualitative steroid, it is still quite weak. Also, since it contains (in injectable form) an enanthate ester, taking any amount of Primobolan at a dosage less than 200mg per week for men is a pretty useless exercise and a waste of money. In general, with the use of anabolics, "more" does not always mean "better" (because of side effects and other issues), but in the case of Primobolan, more is better. For those who wish to take Primobolan alone, a minimum dosage of 200-800mg per week should be used. If you are experienced and can afford it, then 1000mg per week will give you an amazing result.

Since Methenolone-based Primobolan contains enanthate ester, the administration cycle should not be less than 8 weeks. Primobolan should be taken for about 12 weeks, and it really begins to work only on the 5th-6th week of admission, when the muscles are fully saturated with the drug. Primobolan in large quantities is also useful for those who use higher doses of testosterone and experience appetite problems due to this.


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