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Winstrol is the trade name for this oral anabolic steroid from Dragon Pharma, the active ingredient is Stanozolol. The molecular structure of the steroid is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, and despite its androgenic properties, it has a mild effect on the body. Due to the good effect that is achieved with the consumption of the product and the absence of side effects, Winstrol is actively used in athletics, fitness and bodybuilding.


It is true that the anabolic properties of Winstrol are weak compared to more powerful anabolic steroids, but do not forget that drugs such as methandrostenolone and testosterone have a high androgenic index and can build large amounts of mass in a short time. The high anabolic index of stanozolol does not allow you to build large volumes of muscle mass, the effects of stanozolol are of great importance precisely in building high-quality lean muscles, which is very important in bodybuilding. It is the ability to bring the visual shape of the athlete's muscles into final form that makes Stanozolol so popular with bodybuilders.

The effect of Winstrol is slightly different from other anabolic steroids. The drug has a slight effect on body weight, while emphasizing the definition of muscles, the skin becomes thinner and veins appear, it partly helps to burn fat, so it can be used in the main cycle for the drying. Winstrol can significantly increase strength and endurance without gaining weight, this is another valuable effect for weightlifting and athletics.

Structurally, Stanozolol cannot be converted to estrogen.Therefore, there is no need to take estrogen-suppressing drugs while taking it, in this case, even the most sensitive athletes will not develop gynecomastia. Since estrogen is the main culprit for water retention in the tissues, the absence of aromatase makes Stanozolol a drug that does not retain water and also reduces the percentage of fluid in the cells.


For men, the usual Winstrol intake ranges from 50 to 100 mg every other day or daily. The cycle lasts 5-6 weeks, during this period you can significantly increase your shape, both physical and visual. With Stanozolol, in two months you can achieve the results that are achieved naturally in two years.

There are many complex cycles with the participation of Stanozolol, it all depends on the goals, often Winstrol is used for leaner mass, while the combination consists of Testosterone or Methandienone. This steroid also helps to consolidate the kilos gained, significantly reducing the amount lost after the cycle. A combination with a strong androgen can significantly increase the strength performance of the user. For a dry set of muscles, take Winstrol with trenbolone or boldenone, this 5 week cycle can increase muscle tissue by 5-7kg.


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