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The HCG hormone's duty is primarily to help women get pregnant. It is also stimulate the production of testosterone for men. HCG Pregnyl is produced from the urine of pregnant women. The most important thing is the status of the extraction using only specified laboratories. Mainly luteinizing hormone is activated to produce testosterone. Today, many athletes and bodybuilders prefer HCG Pregnyl in their post cycle therapies, because it is a quick way to regain old testicular size, which shrink after steroid cycles.

On very long or heavy short cycles, Atar levels in the body drop dramatically. There are many ways to get Hpta back, but none of them are fast and side affectless like HCG Pregnyl. Many of today's athletes prefer to use HCG Pregnyl in the last 3-4 weeks of their long cycles and 3-4 weeks after the cycle ends.

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There are two doses of HCG Pregnyl 500 mcg, and 1000 mcg. But for many people, as the high dose can cause too much aromatization and due to dangerous aromatization side effects, they should be used at the 500 µg dose. It will have a longer term impact, but also avoid dangerous side effects. Many athletes inject 500iu in the last 4 weeks of a cycle, then go to 1000iu once a week.

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Active life of HCG Pregnyl is 5 days. Also, it should be used at least 5 days after the last injection, due to its long active life. Traces of HCG Pregnyl Spain can be found up to 3 months.Professional bodybuilders are also adding substances, such as bacteriostatic water for injection, to get the maximum benefits from HCG Pregnyl.


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